Boston 4th of July

Happy 243rd birthday!

Our first 4th in Boston was a busy yet memorable one starting with the parade starting at City Hall, going past the Granary Burial Grounds and ending at Faneuil Hall.

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These facial expressions crack me up

The previous day I was doing some scouting around the area to figure out spots to watch the fireworks and found some lovely summery scenes.

Back on the 4th after the morning parade I headed over to Castle Island (now connected to land) to see the USS Constitution (aka Ol' Ironsides) perform the 21-gun salute. The Constitution is the oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat, originally launched in 1797.

After a chill afternoon we made our way into the massive crouds to see the fireworks along the Charles. We nearly gave up trying to find a spot with any breathing room but finally managed to find one for an incredible fireworks display.

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