Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands

Exploring the National Parks of New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns

The view over the vast desert makes you wonder how anyone found the caverns even if there are a ton of bats that come out at night.

  1. Carlsbad Bat Amphitheater
  1. Mouth of Carlsbad Caverns
  1. Descending into Carlsbad Caverns
  1. Column rising out of Devil's Spring
  2. Whales Mouth
Long descent down

We’re around 10-20 stories underground at this point with the cave formations getting more incredible around each switchback we descend

  1. Cave formations

The Boneyard

  1. Big Room
View of the Big Room
  1. Giant and Twin Domes
  1. Wide view of Giant and Twin Domes
  1. Hall of Giants
  1. Wider Hall of Giants

Shelf rock shows where the water level sat for millennia while the minerals slowly crusted over the top

  1. Remnants of a pool
  1. Nipple rock

An original ladder made out of a fence used by Jim White to explore the cave Ladder to the depths

  1. Totem Pole
  1. Baleen formations
  1. Layers of cave
  1. Glistening rocks
  2. Glistening rocks 2

Rock of Ages. Where were you 250 million years ago?

  1. Rock of Ages

  1. Doll's Theater
  1. Water still drips

Cloudcroft, NM

Elevation 9,000 ft

  1. Western Bar
  1. Osha Trail with a glimpse of White Sands
  1. Old fall truck
  1. Pistachio Land

White Sands National Park

  1. Steps Across the Sand
  1. Dunes sweep for miles
  1. Serene and surprisingly cool sand
  • Life finds a way in the dunes
  • Iconic Shelters

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