A Fun A Day Project

This series started as a late night crazy idea while trying to fall asleep, except I actually did this one... The idea is pretty simple: find some interesting circular things that have good complimentary colors and textures. The forced circular perspective came with some challenges but those are what make you learn. Some ideas worked and some didn't but hopefully I can inspire you to look more closely at what's circular around you!

  1. Lots of hard work by Chelsea went into getting this
  1. The lens of a large format Graflex camera my Grandfather used in the first half of the 20th century
  1. The family pet parrot Poncho
  1. Marble on Galaxy
  2. Taaaacooooo
  1. Logan Circle from above
  1. Wall of the Magic Gardens in Philly
  1. 2700 shots with a macro tube later...
  2. 27 drone shots stitched together on a cold evening

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