Fall 2020

Scenes from around the country


  • Busy bees at Arnold Arboretum in Boston

  • Sunset through the skyline of Boston


  1. Out in the fields of Maryland
  2. Ladybug in Maryland
  1. A tree outstanding in its field

New Mexico

Continential Divide Trail

  1. Ben Lilly Overlook near Pinos Altos
  2. Downy Woodpecker? on the Continental Divide trail
  1. The trees are definitely tall here on the Continental Divide trail near Pinos Altos

City of Rocks State Park

  1. Rocky view at City of Rocks
  1. Cookes Peak from City of Rocks
  1. Balance at City of Rocks
  2. Life finds a way at City of Rocks
  1. Lounging Lizard at City of Rocks

Gila River Bird Area

  1. Overlook of the Gila Bird Area my Dad spent countless mornings at
  1. Up the valley at the Gila Bird Area
  1. Gila River Downstream
  2. Gila River Upstream

Somewhere between Baltimore and Philadelphia on the flight back


  1. Middlesex Fells 1

Middlesex Fells 2

Vines 1

  1. Vines 2

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