Leaf Peeping

Seeing the colors New England is famous for

This little holiday weekend getaway to Conway NH was perfectly timed with both the peak fall colors and the peak tourist season seeing said colors. Despite the crowds and difficulties finding dinner we had an incredible time soaking in the sights.

Not even all the way there you get road side incredible vistas like this one looking over Lake/Mountain Chocorua

  1. Overlook for lake and mountain Chocorua

The first hike we did was to Champney Falls which was along the fun to say Kancamagus Highway. There were some other great views driving up to the hike I wish we pulled over for too.

  1. Champney Falls from the right
  1. Champney Falls from the left
Champney Falls Canyon

The morning after said difficulties finding dinner we drove up to the Silver Cascade waterfall but I had to stop a couple times on the way to get these great views with the low clouds along the road.

  1. Rail bridge with autumn colors
  1. Sweeping highway with low clouds and fall colors

The Silver Cascade waterfall was pretty impressive, and real easy to get to since it’s right by the highway, but I didn’t do the best at capturing how tall it is.

Silver Cascade waterfall

It started raining when we were here which was a little chilly for it being 40 degrees out, but it really makes the colors pop.

  1. Distant rail bridge in the fall colors

We stopped at the Willey House on the way back and gawked at Mount Willard.

  1. Mount Willard by Willey House
  1. Trees clinging to the granite

The first hike of the day was an easy one to Diana’s baths. This was the site of an old mill in the 1800’s but is now a popular tourist destination for obvious reasons.

  1. Diana's baths waterfall
  1. Diana's baths pool
  1. Diana's baths long exposure
  1. Typical fall forest scene

The second and much harder hike was up the 1,000 feet of Whitehorse Ledge that had some nice views at the top of Echo Lake.

  1. Lots of big granite walls
  1. Looking over Echo Lake
  1. Chipmunk prepping for winter
  1. Tree bursting with fall colors

There was one more impromptu stop on the way back home to Crystal lake after seeing a postcard with (a probably better version of) this shot on it. But for taking the conditions we were given it still turned out to be worth the detour!

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