Lincoln, NH

A weekend of hiking, exploring, and stargazing

Our first hike before we even checked in was the Lonesome Lake trail. 1000 feet of elevation in 1.5 miles definitely had us sweating despite the nice cool weather. The conditions of the lake at the top weren't that photogenic but I found this perfect little mushroom in a boggy area by the lake.

Mini Mushroom

This cute and cozy little caboose served as our accomodations for the trip. It was fun to read the guestbook and see all the people that had a great time here.

Caboose AirBnB

One of the main draws for coming here was Flume Gorge. At the beginning of the trail you get a nice little peak down to the covered bridge over the water.

There's lots of pretty views as you make your way up the canyon.

Flume Gorge Waterfall

  1. Flume Gorge Waterfall Long Exposure

Past the main canyon there's still many beautiful sights to see.

  1. River Rocks Abstract
  2. Tree roots find a way
  1. Covered bridge over the river

After a long day of hiking, driving, and tasting the local beer, we ventured out to a spot on the Kancamagus Highway that we had scouted earlier in the day for some stargazing. There were a few moments wondering why all the pictures were coming out so dark but then realizing I still had the lens cap on haha. We ended up staying about a half hour to get many long exposures. Despite spending quite a bit longer than that editing/compiling the results (mostly due to a bunch of shots having cars drive by and blow out the foreground) I'm still not sure which version I like the best. You'll have to let me know what you think.

  1. Milky Way over the White Mountains
  1. Star trails over the White Mountains

On our last day before driving out we did one final hike up the Mount Pemigewasset Trail and were rewarded with a nice view over the valley with some moody atmosphere.

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