Macro Mania

A closer look

After getting new (to me) 200mm macro lens I started looking at everything a little closer. Here's some of what I found.

  1. Pretty flowers around the Public Garden
  2. Beautiful fading flower

Scroll fast if you're afraid of spiders

  1. Spider on a rail

Experiments backlighting bubbles. The flash didn't fire on the first one but I like the texture that came out of it anyways.

So much detail in the eye

  1. Eye detail
  1. Inside a Tulip

    Orchid in Bloom

From the original MiniMuseum

I couldn't help a little throwback to Circles

  1. Liberty dime detail

My first try focus stacking was a success! Around 15 frames stacked here.

  1. Strawberry super detail

I couldn't help trying another focus stack on an old (and now dead) graphics card I had.

  1. All paths lead to the GPU

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