An escape to the cape

Here's some shots from our weekend exploring the lovely town of Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod

Lots of cute houses

  1. Perfect timing with the owner leaving in his antique car
  2. Bed and breakfast
  1. Lots of flowers
  2. Lots of attention to detail
  1. House tucked away by the beach
  2. Pro garden skills
  1. Impressive high school

Interesting art filled alley by a tattoo shop

  1. Classic lobster shop

Lots to see at the beach, pier, and around town

  1. Spent a little time at the beach with the shark flag out

Busy night life

Lots of wildlife around

We walked on the causeway at low tide in the morning and were treated with all the birds looking for breakfast

  1. Crab for breakfast
  2. One more muscle to add to the huge piles of shells

Views to the lighthouse and back to town

  1. Looking out to the lighthouse
  2. Looking back to town

Birds finding the little fish stuck in the tide pools easy pickings

  1. Scooping up the little fish stuck in the tide pools

Lots of spider webs between the rocks

  1. Sleeping Cormorant we almost bumped into

Biking the dunes

Renting bikes to ride the 10 mile trail around the dunes of the cape is definitely worth it (we were not there at midnight 😂)

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