Photo Roll

Random photos that otherwise don’t fit in an album

This is random smattering of photos that didn’t feel like they deserved their own album for one reason or another.

They’re organized roughly by newest first and I’ll keep this up to date as they happen

Latest Update

  1. View from Worlds End
  1. Old Stereoscopic viewer
  1. Airbnb views
  1. Paint by numbers

Views from around the house

  1. A new beginning
  1. Snowflake Macro
  1. Snowflake Macro 2
  1. Chelsea Seagazing
  1. Nali's first walk

New Hampshire

  1. Rail trail through the rocks


  1. Nahant from the sky
  1. Boston Brutalist Architecture
  2. Emerson Diagonal
Bird snack
  1. Boston Common Fall layers
  1. Boston Common Fall Squirrel
Cascading Ivy


  1. Vibrant Sky
Philadelphia Fallout Shelter
  1. Birthday Dessert

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