Remembering Dad

On May 21st I went back to my hometown of Silver City, NM to be with family and see my Dad in the hospital. Little did I know that we would have to say goodbye less than a week later. These are photos from that trip and many of the photos he took from his time on earth. I miss you Dad.

Blooming sunset cholla

  1. Beautiful sunset over the mountains the day he left earth
  1. Catwalk views
  2. Fishing below the catwalk

His Photos

While sifting through the thousands of photos on his computer, I pulled out these amazing photos he took so I could edit and share them with the world.

Peru and Machu Picchu

  1. Magical Machu Picchu breaking through the early morning clouds
  2. Magical Machu Picchu breaking through the early morning clouds
  1. Terraced farming

Diaethria clymena butterfly

  1. A pair of Hoatzin
  1. The faces of Peru

Lake Powell

  1. My favorite
  1. Earth, Sky, Water

The American West

  1. Windmill somewhere in New Mexico
  1. The Anza-Borrego California State Park
  1. Joshua Tree
  1. Burning sunset
  1. Monument Valley
  1. Shiprock, New Mexico
  1. Old cars in the woods of Montana
  • New Mexican Sunset

  • Cookes Peak

  1. Where's Charlotte?

Costa Rica

  1. Daddy Longlegs on

Eyes in the water

  1. Life in the trees
  2. Violet Saberwing hummingbird

The legendary Resplendent Quetzal

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

  1. Canyon de Chelly National Monument
  1. People made these walls their homes

Canyon S curves

  1. Breathtaking landscape

Train trips in Alaska and Northern New Mexico

  • Train through the trees

  • This one gave me "The Lighthouse" vibes

  1. Train Decals
  2. Train Decals

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