San Fran Weekend

Views from the ride over, which started getting pretty smoky as we got close

  1. Aerial Canyons 1
  2. Aerial view near the Grand Canyon
  3. Aerial view of smoky mountains

Fancy food on the tasting menu at Sorrel

  1. "Snacks"
  2. Nectarine Crudo
  3. Agnolotti

The iconic Lombard Street

  1. Looking up the curvy street
    1. Passionfruit Flower

  1. View from the top of Lombard Street

You know where it is...

  1. Golden Gate Bridge and chain

Jealous of the succulents growing in the doorway

  1. SF Doordway

Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park

  1. Conservatory of Flowers
  1. Conservatory Flowers 1
  2. Conservatory Flowers 2
  3. Conservatory Flowers 3

Waiting for a snack

  1. Blue Heron waiting for a snack
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