Seattle Birthday

Deception Pass on the way to Whidbey Island

  1. Deception Pass


  1. Bridge over Deception Pass
  1. Millionaires next door on Whidbey
  1. Nephew 1
  2. Nephew 2
  1. Crusty Barnacles


  1. Sunset over Puget Sound with the Olympics peaking through
  1. Ceremonial stick throw

Grandpa in his element

Grandpa in his element

  1. Sub fins as Orcas at Warren G. Magnuson Park
  1. Lake Washington in Spring

So many different flowers and plants blooming around the neighborhood

  1. Tulip

Impressive Lego sets put together by my Aunt Melanie

  1. Lego Colosseum 1
  1. Lego Colosseum 2

  1. House Garden Goals

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