Spring 2021

Life returning

After the long winter we finally have signs of life returning again and some glimpses of normality.

  1. Sailing the bay view from Piers Park
  1. The carvings from immigrant cultures that came to Boston

Views from around the garden

  1. Make way for ducklings (in rugby jerseys)
  2. Beautiful flower arrangements in Back Bay
  1. Flowers peaking through the railings
  2. Colorful flowers everywhere
  1. The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in peak form
  • Field of Daffodils

  • Reflections of the bridge

  1. Quintessential scene of the Italian North End in Boston
  1. Singing from the brim
  1. The public gardens wrapped in spring colors
  1. Statue peaking through the tree blooms

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate

  1. The 1928, 59-room Stuart-style mansion weekend getaway

  • The dilapidated rose garden

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