Style Transfer Experiments

Having fun with machine learning

After seeing some examples of style transfer some time ago I finally got the urge to try it out for myself. It took some digging around to find a project that allows training of your own models on your own hardware. The downside to the "own hardware" part is a complicated setup process getting the right python versions, dependencies, and graphics drivers to all play nice. Then came the fun part of starting a training, coming back 4 hours later, seeing the usually not so great result, tweaking a few parameters, all on rinse and repeat. But with patience and perseverance come results!

  1. Florence Duomo in the style of Edtaonisl - Francis Picabia

Abstract in cubism

  1. Serene forest path in the style of Capo di Noli - Paul Signac

The Louvre in the style of Rain Princess

While reading more about style transfer and looking at other peoples results I found Deep Dream Generator which is a great online tool for generating your own style transfers and deep dreams very quickly. While it still takes some trial and error to find a good combination of images, when you do the results are pretty incredible!

Colorful sailboats

Eiffel Tower turned into a painting

  1. Union Station in fractals

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