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The Asynchronous Journey

I love song covers. Yes, not all of them live up to capture all the spirit of the original recording, but getting through all the bad ones is suddenly worth it when you find the good ones. You might know the ones I'm talking about, they might be faster, cleaner, heavier sounding, different solo's, or all of the above. You know it's good when they take the song in a new direction that invokes a new vibe but with all the familiarity of the original. It's really what music is all about... taking what's out there and putting a different spin on it to put another mind in a trance. Let me step…

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Leaflet Zip Code Map Part 2

Leaflet Zip Code Map Part 1 In this part of the tutorial we'll be focusing on what you need to do to get a front end set up to serve up the map and consume the wonderful zip code data. In case you missed it, here's what we're going for: HTML The html required on the page is almost as basic as it gets since most stuff is loaded in dynamically. The main pieces are: The map div <div class="control" id="map-loader"></div> The Coloring function dropdown if needed And your script includes of course: I'm using Numeral.js for number formatting on the popup, d…

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Leaflet Zip Code Map Part 1

This is the first part of a two part series about how to set up leaflet maps to show zipcode areas with some extra data coming along for the ride allowing us to color the zip code areas based on demographics or any other reporting data. I did this using an ASP.NET MVC site and Web API with a Sql Server database. A database is required for this approach but there's nothing stopping you from reimplementing this in your backend architecture of choice. Here's what it looks like sans the external controls on the page to change reporting parameters and the coloring function (more on that later).…

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