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Tradeoffs in Testing

I’m finally getting around to putting down in words the testing philosophy I’ve developed over the years. Some of it might rock the boat a bit, other parts may be obvious to some folks, but what I’d like you most to take away is a reflection on your own testing philosophy and the tradeoffs your making. There’s no free lunch. Choosing how much time to invest in testing is all about balancing how confidently you can say your program is doing what you intend to and how fast you can modify or add to your program.… Read more »

Testing Next.JS with Cypress and Mock Service Worker

If you’re running a Next.js app and want to test it with Cypress you probably noticed a problem when it came time to test a server side rendered page. There’s no built in way to mock out requests made in getServerSideProps. When I ran into this and searched around for solutions I found this article that has a good explination of the problem (and diagrams), but I wasn’t satisfied with any of the solutions.… Read more »