With a stop in Portland, ME

The weekend before our trip to France opened up and we decided to make the most of it and go visit Acadia National Park and stop in Portland on the way back. With all the amazing hikes and things to do we need to get back after such a short stop.

  1. The view of sand beach near the entrance to the Beehive trail

If you're feeling a bit adventurous check out the Beehive Trail which is a short but steep exposed trail that'll keep your hands on the rocks (and the iron bars). You'll be rewarded with a view at the top too.

  1. From the top of Cadillac Mountain
  1. Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

A last minute reccomendation sent us to the crystal clear waters of Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond

  1. The forest trail around Jordan Pond
  2. The serene Jesup Path trail

Golden bug in the gardens

  1. Take the time to look up

After a day exploring Portland I decided to try a bit of astrophotography. Being so close to the city it was challenging to deal with the extra light but the results aren't half bad for the first try. Hopefully Acadia will have clear skies the next night we're there!

Bug Light Park in Portland

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